Accepting a Referral via the MEDrefer Website (for existing members)

1. Login

Visit  and enter your email address and password


2. Click the Accept Referral button on the toolbar

Enter the patient's unique code and click search


3. Enter the patient's unique code and click search

Check the referral summary to ensure the referral is relevant.


4. Enter the patient's appointment date and time and click accept referral

The referring doctor will be automatically notified of your acceptance of the patient and the time of their appointment.


5. You can now see the referral details

You can download the referral letter in PDF or HL7 format to attach to your patient record. If you wish to import referrals directly into your practice software, you can use our MEDrefer Manager to easily import HL7s or PDFs into most medical software programs. If you want further information on setting up imports through the MEDrefer Manager, contact our support team on 1800 556 022 or


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