Issuing a Test Referral via the MEDrefer Website

Please note: Only Practitioner accounts (General Practitioners, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals with their own login) can issue referrals. Practice Management accounts are only able to accept referrals on behalf of a practitioner. 


1. Login

Visit and enter your email address and password. From here, you'll be taken to the MEDrefer dashboard.

2. Search

From the dashboard enter a search term - for example, a specialty, special interest or condition. By default, the search radius is 25km from the suburb.   

We've included a test specialist record in the database, so you can try issuing a referral before using MEDrefer with a patient. To find the MEDrefer test specialist, search for "MEDrefer" in "Toowoomba".


Search: MEDrefer in 4350 (Toowoomba)


3. Select Referee

Click the Dr MEDrefer Specialist listing - they will be added to the position 1 of 5 in your list of selected recipients.

4. Patient Details

Enter your dummy patient details.

The Referral Summary is where you can enter a brief summary of the referral for the benefit of the Specialist's receptionist when they're booking in your patient. For this test referral, simply type "Test referral". Click "Confirm and Send".

5. Draft and Send Referral

The draft page is where you check your referral details before you click "Send Referral".

6. Referral Certificate

The referral certificate is generated for you to provide the contact information of your recommended recipients to your patient. It includes the MEDrefer Referral Code, in the general form XXX-YYY which the patient provides when booking to give the receptionist access to download their referral letter.

What next?

Our support team will automatically accept any test referrals sent to the MEDrefer Test Specialist. If you want us to Cancel, or Reply to the referral, so you can see the status of the referral change on the referral page or the notification email we send, simply send an email to instructing us to Cancel, or Reply to the referral. Don't forget to include the Referral Code.

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