Patient Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medrefer and does my doctor use it?

MEDrefer is a medical referral program that gives you multiple options in referrals and makes sure that your GP and specialist can easily communicate once the referral is accepted. MEDrefer is integrated into the most widely used Australian clinical software, Best Practice. Ask your doctor if they are using MEDrefer and can offer you a MEDrefer referral.  


Why does my doctor need Medrefer?

To be able to have your situation resolved as soon as possible, to make sure he knows when the specialist will see you, and follow up on any additional care you need in the meantime.  


How do I go about making an appointment with my specialist?

You'll be given a referral certificate listing the Specialist or Specialists that your GP has recommended for you. At the top right are instructions on contacting a Specialist that meets your needs.

Simply phone the specialists on the certificate your GP has given you and select one that you think will be best for you. Remember the GP will tell you a little about each one but it's up to you which one you choose to take your referral to.


Can I choose a specialist of my choice?

Yes, you can, this is one of the many features that sets MEDrefer apart.


Is my information confidential?

All personal information is kept confidential through our secure system. We use secure messaging systems that are accepted and required by the medical industry.

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