Frequently Asked Questions About Payments

How much does MEDrefer cost?

You can view our pricing plan here.

How often are payment plans charged?

We'll send you an invoice each month or year (depending on which payment option you selected) on the anniversary of the date that the account was upgraded.

How does invoicing work?

You can elect to have invoices sent by email or via post.

What payment options does MEDrefer offer?

Currently, we support credit card, cheque and direct deposit payments.

Can I downgrade or change my payment plan?

To downgrade a payment plan, click the Settings button at the top right of your account screen while logged into the website. Then on the left of this screen, click the My Account button. From this page, you can make changes to your current payment plan.

How do payments work if we have multiple specialists?

Payment plans are charged for each separate provider number.

Each provider number can be upgraded or downgraded individually, even if you have access to multiple specialist provider numbers inside your account.


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