Specialists/Allied Health Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Install MEDrefer?

Specialists need to register via the website. They can then either use the website itself to accept referrals, or download our MEDrefer Manager, which integrates with popular appointment software Genie.


What browser versions do you support?

If you’re using the website instead of the MEDrefer manager, we support  Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Mac and PC. We also support Internet Explorer 8 and above, however we recommend you use at least IE10 for the best experience.


What Clinical Software are you integrated with?

We are integrated with Best Practice software which is a leading clinical software used by Australian General Practitioners.

Our MEDrefer Manager also integrates with specialist clinical software Genie to update availability. We deliver referrals in industry standard HL7 format whch all major clinical packages can import.


How many GPs are using the system?

MEDrefer is fully integrated with leading General Practitioner software Best Practice, as of May 2014. This means it’s available to all GPs currently using Best Practice and is also available via the website for GPs not currently using this software.

GP Connections have adopted the program and fully support it with their members.


What is the MEDrefer Manager?

The MEDrefer Manager is a small downloadable manager which allows easy integration with your current specialist clinical program. We are currently only releasing it to a limited number of specialists while it is in beta testing. However, we plan to release it to a wider number of users in the near future. Contact us at support@medrefer.com.au if you’d like to try it out in your practice.


How much does it cost?

Gp, Specialists and Allied Health professionals have a choice of subscriptions. There are monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions.


Allied health professionals are charged $33 (Inc. GST) monthly per provider number, plus $7 monthly per secondary provider number. Specialists are charged $66(Inc. GST) monthly per provider number, plus $13 monthly per secondary provider number. Gps are charged 6$ monthly and 66$ annually.


Allied Health professionals are charged $330 (Inc. GST) annually per provider number, plus $66 annually per secondary provider number per practitioner. While Specialists are charged $660 (Inc. GST) annually per provider number, plus $132 annually per secondary provider number per practitioner.


How secure is this system?

All personal information is kept confidential through our secure system. We use secure messaging systems that are accepted and required by the medical industry.

What about patient confidentiality?

Patient confidentiality is treated with highest degree of security. Secure transport of information is one of our highest priorities. In cases where a medical care provider has elected to receive updates through a non-secure format such as email, we only provide basic information and require them to login to our secure system using a referral code to access all personal and sensitive information.


Can my practice manager log into my system or use the system?

MEDrefer has recently updated our system to include accounts for practice managers, from which they can access and update information for all the specialists in their practice from one easy to use launchpad.

If they prefer, they can also use the MEDrefer Manager application (Windows only) which also allows practice managers and front desk staff to link to the accounts of multiple practitioners in their practice to perform administrative tasks on their behalf. The other benefit of using MEDrefer Manager is that it can automatically download referral letters to the clinic network to be automatically imported by the clinical software and associated with a practitioner and patient.  


Who is responsible for updating my details on MEDrefer?

The owner of the account is totally in control unless they choose to share their login details with a staff member, or have their account integrated with a practice manager account. Some areas of the account, such as availability, can be updated automatically through systems such as the MEDrefer Manager liaising with your clinical appointments program.


Do I have to keep changing my availability?

No, you have two options. You can either enter specific dates that will expire when they pass, or enter a 'general availability' which remains constant. This can be temporarily overridden in the case of a late cancellation needing to be filled or extended when on leave.


There are a lot of other referral programs, how is MEDrefer different?

MEDrefer is unique in that it offers 'duty of care', virtually eliminates bounce backs, gives patients options, and allows the new specialists to be found in order of their availability.


Can I use this system if I do not use medical software?

Yes! MEDrefer can be used entirely within a web browser. Simply register, then log in at medrefer.com.au to:

- Review and accept referrals issued to you. You can download the referral letter to your clinic's computer, or network, or if your clinic is paper based, print it out.

- Send your specialist report back to the referring doctor.

- Notify the referring doctor of a cancellation, or no-show, with a single click.

The medrefer web application is a powerful tool to help you build your professional network.

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