General Practitioner Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install MEDrefer?

MEDrefer is an online service that can be accessed in three ways: via our Website, via installing our easy to use tool, the MEDrefer Manager and via Best Practice, a market-leading clinical application.

There is nothing to install as a general practitioner. MEDrefer is available online on our secure website or through the specialist referral letter writer in your Best Practice software.

To access the website all you need is a computer with internet access and a modern web browser.  Go to and on the home page click "register".


What browser versions do you support?

MEDrefer can be accessed directly through clinical software Best Practice if you’re a general practitioner, or via our downloadable MedRefer Manager if you’re a specialist.

However, if you want or need to use MEDrefer through our website, we support Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Mac and PC. We also support Internet Explorer 8 and above, however, we recommend you use at least IE10 or higher for the best experience.


What Clinical Software are you integrated with?

We are integrated with Best Practice software which is a leading clinical software used by Australian General Practitioners. From within Best Practice, you can issue referrals and track their status as they’re accepted and replied to, or marked as “Did not attend”.

We’re also integrated with Genie, which is the market leading clinical package amongst specialists via the MEDrefer Manager.


Can I use this system if I do not use medical software?

Yes! MEDrefer can be used entirely within a web browser. Simply register, then log in at to:

  • Search for specialists and allied health professionals
  • Issue referrals to them, and generate the referral certificate for your patient
  • Track the status of the referrals you've issued (notifications are sent via email)
  • Receive a specialist report back after an appointment and be notified of a cancellation, or no-show through your registered email.

The MEDrefer web application is a powerful tool to help you build your professional network.


How secure is this system?

All personal information is kept confidential through our secure system. We use secure messaging systems that are accepted and required by the medical industry. Data is transported securely and notification emails contain no sensitive information.


You say that I can send 5 referrals, does that mean I am sending out 5 copies of the referral letter to 5 different doctors?

No. A MEDrefer referral certificate is a single letter that allows you to elect up to five specialists or allied health professionals. Once the patient elects a specialist to take their referral, the referral code becomes inactive to all other referrals listed on the referral certificate, unless the appointment is cancelled.

Referring to multiple specialists means that both GP and patient can Multiple referral choices can also be useful to give regional patients a choice of towns if there are no suitable specialists locally.


If I only want to issue the referral to one recipient, can I do this in MEDrefer?

Yes. You can recommend 1 or up to 5 recipients for your referrals using MEDrefer.


Do you have Telehealth listings?

Some of our specialist and allied health listings offer telehealth consults. It is up to the practitioner to pursue telehealth consultations along with their own schedule and electronic communication software.


How much does it cost?

Gp, Specialists and Allied Health professionals can choose from our subscriptions.

Practice Managers can set up their practice and list their practitioners, by choosing a subscription level for each.

Visit our Pricing page for more information.


How many Specialists and Allied Health are listed?

As of November 2014, Medrefer has a database of over 16,000 specialists and allied health practitioners available to referring doctors.


What happens if I refer to a non-member listing?

All are available to address your referral to, and we make sure that any who aren’t already registered with MEDrefer are prepared to receive your patient.


Can I refer to my regular referees?

Most should already be on our system. Try searching for them by name and location, then add them as a favourite. If they're not yet on the system, you can invite them. Email their details to and we'll send them an info pack to assist them with registration.


Can we integrate our database of specialists into the MEDrefer database to ensure that the doctors I refer to are in the system?

We can integrate most address books with the MEDrefer system. Contact our support team at to discuss the specifics of exporting the information from your system.


What about patient confidentiality?

Patient confidentiality is treated with the highest degree of security. Secure transport of information is one of our highest priorities. In cases where a medical care provider has elected to receive updates through a non-secure format such as email, we only provide basic information and require them to log in to our secure system using a referral code to access all personal and sensitive information.

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