Installing the MEDrefer Manager with Genie

Before beginning this installation, please make sure your version of Genie has all current updates installed. If you install an update after beginning this guide, some options may reset to default and may need to be changed again.


Setting Up The Genie Server for MEDrefer Manager


For MEDrefer Manager to work correctly, some changes need to be made to the Genie Server.

These steps only need to be completed on the computer where the Genie server is itself is normally run. If you have other computers which run Genie Clients and work off your main Genie Server, they will be able to work correctly. If you’ve already made changes on the computer which runs your Genie Server, skip down to the instructions for installing the MEDrefer manager.

Open the Genie Server on the main computer where it is set up.

Go into the Genie Server window where a second window should appear titled Genie.4DC Server Administration. If the window is not open, go to the menu bar and click Window and then Administration to open the window manually.

In the main Genie Server toolbar, click Edit then Database Settings then User Settings.



In the window that appears, click Web, then the Configuration section. Tick Launch web server at startup.


In the Web Services tab, tick Allow Web Services Requests.


In the Server Administration window, click the HTTP Server at the right of the top menu items.


Click Stop Server then restart it to make new settings take effect. The text should read SOAP requests: Accepted on the middle right of the window.


Visit these links via your web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer):




Both of these links should bring up a list of data, similar to the image shown below, to indicate that the server updates are working correctly. If you see a screen with information similar to this, you are ready to begin installing the MEDrefer manager.


If you receive an error message or the page is blank, it means that one of the previous steps was done incorrectly or a selection has not updated. The most common reason for an error message is having a Genie client that is not up to date, so make sure that you have installed all updates then restart the process from the top of this guide.

Installing The MEDrefer Manager


Install the MEDrefer manager via our download page.

Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Launch the MEDrefer manager.

Input your MEDrefer username and password. 

Go to the Genie Client window. At the top of the appointment screen will be a dropdown box listing options. Click the first button, labelled Type.

Click on the type named Modify.

In the window that pops up, click on Add Type.

In this box you can provide any name you wish, however in this tutorial we will use the appointment type MEDrefer.  

Open the MEDrefer Manager.

At the top right of the MEDrefer Manager, click the cog icon to enter the settings area.

Select the General tab.

Change the target directory for both options to C:\Genie\LabRslts

At the bottom of the screen change the external application for availability to Genie, using the drop down menu.

Click the Configuration button.

Change the Genie web service URL to http://localhost/4dsoap

Enter the custom appointment type which we set up previously in Genie and named MEDrefer, in the appointment types box.

Select a doctor from the dropdown list for each specialist in the practice.

Click the refresh button.

Congratulations! Your MEDrefer manager is now ready to use. For further information, view our guide on Using the Medrefer Manager.

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