Using the MEDrefer Manager

The MEDrefer Manager allows easy access to incoming, accepted and passed referrals, directly from your desktop. The Manager's main window is divided into four easy to use sections so you can easily track and respond to referrals.

Important note: The MEDrefer Manager can work autonomously but some options, including the ability to check appointment availability, will not work unless your genie client is open and you've completed changes to the Genie server.


1. Accept a Referral

This section of the MEDrefer Manager allows you to accept a MEDrefer referral using a six digit single use code.

The referral acceptance process is simple.

1. Select the doctor who will be accepting the referral.  Note that only the doctor who was elected in the original referral can accept a referral, for privacy reasons.

2. Enter the referral code into the box. You can type the code without the dash and our system will still recognise the referral. Click Review Referral Summary.

3. You should now see information relating to the referral including the patient’s name and summary information about the reason for referral.

4. At the bottom of the window, you have the option to choose a future appointment time and date.

5. You can now press Accept and Continue. Once an appointment time is selected and a referral is accepted, this information will be sent back to the referring GP.

You should now see a screen which contains referral details, patient details and who the referral was issued and accepted by. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to download, reverse the referral, mark the appointment as unattended or reply to the referring GP with a report of the appointment.

All this information will be available in the Find Referrals section of the MEDrefer Manager and can also be accessed via the Resolve Referrals section, following the passing of the appointment date.


2. Resolve Referrals

From this section, you can view a list of referrals previously accepted and whose appointments have now passed. You can notify the referring GP of a missed appointment or send a report of the outcomes of an appointment.

If the patient didn't attend the appointment, you can press the did not attend button to reverse the referral and notify the referring GP.

3. Find Referrals

From this section, you can search for referrals that you've previously accepted, either by the specific referral number or after a specific date.

Double click the referral number to view details about the referral. From there you can also and download, reverse the referral, mark the appointment as unattended or reply to the referring GP with a report of the appointment.

4. Update Availability

In this section you can either update from Genie with the click of a button or manually update the availability of all practitioners in your practice.

Automatically Updating

Note: For this option to work, you'll need to make some changes to the Genie server.

Make sure that the Genie client is open.

In the MEDrefer manager, in the Update Availability section, click on Get New Availability from Genie.

In the first box, labelled Current Availability, the date should auto populate to match your first available appointment as listed in your Genie calendar.

Click the Update Availability box to complete the update.

Manually Updating

In the Update this Availability box, select a date from which you’re able to accept new referrals.

Click the Update Availability button.

Please note that when your availability changes, this information will need to be manually updated again to allow GPs to see your availability during the referral process.

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