Case Study of the Sort of Patient Treated by Dr Darren Katz

  • A 49 year businessman had several years of voiding dysfunction relating to BPH.
  • His MSU and PSA were normal but his ultrasound demonstrated a raised post void residual volume of 150 mls. 
  • He trialled Tamsulosin 400mcg daily and although he had a good symptomatic response, he suffered from retrograde ejaculation which bothered him and he stopped this medication.
  • He was recommended to have a TURP or a Greenlight laser by another urologist but the patient did not want to have it done because of the inevitable result of permanent retrograde ejaculation.
  • The patient was referred to me having had a recent episode of urinary retention and I performed a formal voiding flow study in my rooms during the initial consultation which demonstrated that he was voiding with a reduced peak flow and with an obstructed voiding pattern. I confirmed a raised post-void residual of 175 mls.
  • The patient confirmed that he did not want a TURP or Greenlight laser.  I therefore offered him the new minimally invasive Urolift® procedure which has a zero risk of ejaculatory dysfunction or erectile dysfunction.  It can also be performed as a day case with virtually no bleeding.
  • The patient underwent the minimally invasive Urolift® procedure and had a successful trial of void and was discharged soon after the procedure.
  • His symptoms dramatically improved, his flow rate is back to within the normal range and he is emptying his bladder well.  He still maintains excellent erectile function and does not have any ejaculatory dysfunction.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Dr Darren Katz

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