Create a Referral via Best Practice

  1. Open patient record in Best Practice.
  2. Click on the Word processor (as you normally would to create a referral).
  3. Select desired template from those listed on the left.
  4. When the address book appears, select the second tab labelled ‘Search on MEDrefer’ to enter the MEDrefer database.
  5. Enter the name of the specialist or specialty required, the location and select the search radius (25 km automatically selected but can be changed to suit other needs). Click Search.

    Note: You can send a test referral using our test Specialist by typing in the name "MEDrefer" and the postcode"4350" (Toowoomba).

  6. A list of corresponding providers will appear underneath in order of distance from location entered.
  7. Select the provider/s of your choice (Up to 5 practitioners may be selected). Click Select.
  8. Complete/add details to referral letter as needed.
    N.B. – The name/s and address/es of the practitioners will not show at the top of the draft referral letter. If one practitioner is selected, their details will show on the final version. If more than one practitioner is selected, their details will not show on the final version until one has accepted the referral at which point that practitioners’ details will show when opened and viewed.
  9. To send notification of the referral to the selected provider/s, click ‘Send via MEDrefer’ found in the top right hand of the screen.
    N.B. – If you wish to review or change the practitioner you have selected to send referral to, you can do so by clicking on the Recipient(s) button. This will return you to the search screen allowing you to review your selection(s) or to change them entirely.
  10. Optional: The ‘Document Details’ pop-up box doesn’t have to be filled in, but any information added here about the referral will also show in the patient’s file. Click Save.
  11. In the ‘Referral Summary’ box enter a brief description – treat this like the subject line of an email – this is the only information the specialist or triage staff will see about the referral in the notification email. You will also see the chosen Recipient(s) details as a reminder who of who you are sending the referral to. Click Send.
  12. The next pop-up will show the automatically generated ‘Referral Certificate’. Print a copy of this certificate for the patient as it includes the specialists’ name and contact details the patient can use to book an appointment.

    The referral letter can be found in the patient’s outbox, and all automated updates on the referral can be found in the practitioners’ inbox.

    Entry of the created referral can be found in the patients’ file under Correspondence Out found to the left of the screen.


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