Tracking the Status of Your Referrals from within Best Practice

When you issue a referral, MEDrefer automatically keeps the status of the referral up to date and sends notifications to your Bp Inbox when the status changes.

If you haven't yet issued a referral via MEDrefer, follow these instructions 

There are two places where Best Practice shows referral status updates:

  1. Check the referral status via Correspondence Out
    In addition to the "Draft" and "Final" statuses you're familiar with in Bp, MEDrefer provides status information to help you see what is happening with the referral. The statuses are:
    • Issued - the initial status after you first send the referral. If the referral remains in that state for some time, it is possible that the patient has not booked with any of your recommended specialists. If a referral is Cancelled, or marked as Did Not Attend, the referral status will go from Accepted, back to Issued again, allowing any other specialists you recommended to review and accept it.
    • Accepted - after the patient contacts one of your recommended specialists to book and provides them their unique Referral Code, the specialist's receptionist can review your referral summary, and decide whether to accept the referral. In doing so, they are required to indicate the appointment date and time that they've offered your patient. Shortly afterwards, you'll see a notification of the acceptance along with the appointment date in your Bp Inbox and the status text update in the patient's Correspondence Out folder. Once Accepted none of the other specialists you recommended can access the referral - it is effectively "owned" by the specialist who accepted it.
    • Replied - once the specialist sends a report in reply to your referral, the status will change to Replied. 
  2. Check the Bp Inbox for important notifications.
    We send notifications of Acceptance, Cancellation (e.g. Did Not Attend) and Reply direct to your Bp Inbox. You can choose to have these notifications also sent to the email address you registered on and have a copy sent to your practice email address.  


        Reversed (Cancelled - Did Not Attend)

        Replied (Appointment Report)

Tip: By default, Bp checks MEDrefer for updates to your referrals every fifteen minutes. You can speed this up to every five minutes. Email us on for assistance.

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