Register as a GP Practice Manager

Create Your Own Profile

1. Go to the MEDrefer website at

2. Click on Register.


3. Select your role within the practice as a Practice Manager/Receptionist.


4. Enter your name, email address and a password (minimum 6-characters). Click the Captcha box and Sign up.


5. A confirmation email will be sent to the entered email address with a link that will take you to the sign in page.


6. Enter your email address and password, then click Sign in.



 Create Your Practice Profile

1. Once you login you will enter the practice profile page.


2. Enter all the requested details including an email address and fax number to create your practice. Click Create Practice.


Create Your Practitioner Profiles

1. Enter your practitioners’ details, making sure to complete all sections marked with a red asterisk (*). Click Add.

You will see the list of practitioners and the details entered appear on the right as you click Add. Once all the practitioners have been entered, click Continue (You may need to scroll down to see this).


N.B. – If GP doesn’t have a unique email to send the invitational email to, this step can be skipped. This will mean that the GP will not receive an email link to complete sign up and the Practice Manger will need to complete that step for them through their Launchpad. This will also mean that, for those GP’s, the MEDrefer Manager app will need to be signed in under the Practice Manager not the GP.


2. The screen will change to the Practice Managers Launchpad, where the practitioners will be shown as separate tiles. There are also tiles to Add New Practitioners or a New Practice Site if the Practice Manager manages more than one site.


N.B. - If you are adding existing practitioners to a new site, make sure to click the ‘Existing Practitioner’ at the top of the page (It will automatically be marked ‘New Practitioner’). A drop down box with the practitioners already registered will appear. Select the practitioner you wish to register at the new site, enter their provider number then click Add Practitioner.



In the Practice Manager’s Launchpad, the practitioner tiles will have an orange Unverified label on them. There are two ways to have this removed:

  • As Practice Manager you can click on each tile, double check the entered details and add further details such as gender, qualifications, timezone, telehealth options, medical registration number and languages spoken as well as add an electronic signature of the practitioner to be added to be bottom of created referrals. Once the additions have been made, click on Update Practitioner.


The page will change to the practitioners’ dashboard, where things like referrals created and their status can be seen.


To return to the Practice Managers Launchpad to continue verifying other GPs, click on the Home icon.



  • The GP can use the Invitation Email they are sent to activate their account, to confirm the details already entered and to add further details such as gender, qualifications, timezone, telehealth options, medical registration number and languages spoken as well as add an electronic signature which will be added to be bottom of created referrals.



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