Practice Manager Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is this system?

All personal information is kept confidential through our secure system. We use secure messaging systems that are accepted and required by the medical industry.


If I have access to a specialist on my account, can the specialist still access their account?

Yes, if you contact our support team, we can link the specialist through both the practice manager account and their own account.


 What is the MEDrefer Manager?

The MEDrefer Manager is a small downloadable manager which allows easy integration with your current specialist clinical program. We are currently only releasing it to a limited number of specialists while it is in beta testing. However, we plan to release it to a wider number of users in the near future. Contact us at if you’d like to try it out in your practice.


How Do I Install MEDrefer?

You can download and use the MEDrefer Manager through our website when you register or through your profile if you have already registered.

To access the website all you need is a computer with internet access and a modern web browser.  Go to and on the home page click "Register".


How much does it cost?

Practice Manager logins don’t require payment. However specialist practitioner accounts do require payment. A single specialist costs $660/year (Inc. GST) per provider number with an extra $132/year (Inc. GST) per secondary provider number. Allied Health Professionals are charged $330/year (Inc. GST) plus $66/year (Inc. GST) per secondary provider number.


Do I Have To Upgrade All Specialists in my Account?

No, you can choose to upgrade any specialist at the point at which they start to receive multiple referrals. 


Why do my specialists say ‘Unverified’?

When you first click on the specialist tab when you've finished registration and have arrived at the launchpad, you will have the option to add in more details, including an AHPRA registration number. Once this number is filled in correctly, the unverified message will disappear.


What about patient confidentiality?

Patient confidentiality is treated with the highest degree of security. Secure transport of information is one of our highest priorities. In cases where a medical care provider has elected to receive updates through a non-secure format such as email, we only provide basic information and require them to log in to our secure system using a referral code to access all personal and sensitive information.


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