How to Search in MEDrefer

Although the MEDrefer search system is designed to be intuitive and give you the most relevant results possible, sometimes there are issues which can prevent you finding the result you're searching for. Here, we go over some easy ways you can improve your search results and also decrease the time you spend searching.

Use less letters. Words like Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology take time to type, so we've made searching for specialty terms quicker. Searching with as few as 2-3 letters will allow our system to find all the best matches for your query. For instance, instead of typing Ophthalmology, you can simply enter 'Oph' or 'Ophth' in the search box.

Don't search for GPs. Because our system is set up for referral creation, only specialists able to accept referrals are listed in search. General practitioners are not listed in search results as they do not accept referrals. 

Search using the specialist's primary location. Some specialists may have one main practice but consult at other locations or at a local hospital. Although we do support multiple sites, some practitioners may only have their main practice listed in our database.

Search by discipline, not name. Many surnames can be spelt in a variety of ways. If there is a chance that the surname may have a unique spelling, try searching for the specialist by their discipline, instead of by their name. Also keep in mind that some doctors may practice under a different name or variation of their birth name.

Check your spelling. We recommend using Google Chrome for accessing the MEDrefer website (although all versions of up to date Internet browsers are suitable for accessing the site). Chrome has a built in spell check feature which allows users to easily check whether a word has been spelt correctly.


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Still not seeing the listing you want? Although MEDrefer has one of Australia's largest medical databases, we may not have all medical practitioners listed. You can contact us directly on 1800 556 022 or if you think we may be missing a listing. 


If you haven't already sent a test referral, you can do so by following our test referral guide

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