What is the MEDrefer Manager App?

With Australia’s largest Specialist and Allied Health database, MEDrefer provides simple and efficient solutions to improve the referral and messaging process between GPs, Specialists and Allied Health Practitioners that can be downloaded and installed in seconds.

MEDrefer now offers an additional compact free application, the MEDrefer Manager:-


  • Lets searching GPs know Specialist wait times for an initial consult. 
  • Allows referral details to be easily reviewed and accepted or rejected and automatically advises the referring GP of the appointment date. 
  • Lets GPs track and respond to every part of a referral with just a few clicks.
  • Sends automatic updates back to the GP, confirming attendance, DNA, and patient reports.
  • Practice Managers can also sign up at no cost for a single centralised account to administer referrals on behalf of all those in the practice. 
  • Designed to easily integrate with leading specialists’ software such as Best Practice, Medical Objects and Zedmed or work on its own on your Windows PC. 
  • MEDrefer is integrated with Best Practice, so 48% of Australia's GPs are just a few clicks away.
  • The complete referral package, all in one place.


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