What is the MEDrefer database?

MEDrefer maintains a secure electronic directory of health and medical practitioners. This database is available to registered users only - and is fully integrated with our MEDrefer electronic referral system.

It can be accessed by registering and logging in from the website or by clicking on the MEDrefer tab in Best Practice.

Now integrated into GP's most popular clinical software, Best Practice, the database makes it extremely easy for GPs to refer to specialists and allied health directly from their referral templates stored on Best Practice.

How does it work?

On the website or when writing the referral, the GP searches via name or specialty and by location or postcode.


The doctor chooses 1-5 providers. 


A referral certificate is generated by the doctor and given to the patient.

The specialist is contacted by the patient and the referral is located via a code - or can be directly notified if they are a registered MEDrefer practitioner. 



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