MEDrefer Manager Installation for Specialists and Allied Health Professionals

N.B. – If your practice runs on a Remote Access Connection, please see document Running MEDrefer Manager over Remote Access Connection before downloading MEDrefer Manager.

  1. If not already logged into a practice manager or practitioners profile, go to the MEDrefer website ( and login.
  2. From the dashboard screen, click on the Home icon at the top of the screen.


  1. Click on the green ‘Download MEDrefer Manager for Windows’ link to take you to the MEDrefer Manager page.


  1. In the MEDrefer Manager Page,  click on the Download MEDrefer Manager  to start Installing. This may take a few minutes to complete.       

NOTE:  Download MEDrefer Manager(MSI Installer) requires adminitrator permissions to install.

NOTE: If you are downloading MEDrefer Manager from Microsoft Edge, make sure that u select Keep to start the download.




  1. Once the download is complete click the executable at the bottom left hand corner of the screen to launch the program.


  1. When the Open File pop-up appears, click on Run.


  1. When the Application Install pop-up appears, click on Install.


This may take a few minutes to complete.


  1. MEDrefer Manager will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, with instructions and a red arrow to show where to click next – the Settings icon.


  1. In the Users tab, add the unique email address and password of a practitioner who has already been registered, then click Link User.



In the General Tab, determine whether you want accepted referrals to be downloaded as a PDF file or a HL7 file (or both if desirable) and check the appropriate box. To indicate which folder where all your referrals should be saved, click on the ellipses button (the 3 dots on top of one another) to the right of your chosen option(s), select the correct folder, then click Ok.

This folder should be in a secure location.


Your setup has now been completed. Click on Home to go to the main screen.

MEDrefer Manager will reside within the taskbar (hidden or visible) and can be maximised and/or minimised as required.




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