Error - Could not find part of path

If your practice uses roaming profiles with Offline File enabled, it is possible for a folder that MEDrefer uses to connect with the eMR to not function correctly. When this happens MEDrefer Manager will show that it’s connected to the practice eMR (seen on the right) but it will also show a warning that there isn’t a patient file open even if there is.

With this also comes the error notification that part of the path could not be found.Error_-_Can_t_find_part_of_path.JPG

To fix this problem, the folder that is used to synchronise between the offline files and the server needs to be deleted so that MEDrefer Manager can recreate a stable folder when restarting.

  1. Close MEDrefer Manager by right clicking on the icon and then clicking on the Exit popup that appears.
  2. Open the consoles File Explorer and type %appdata% in the Search Bar. Press Enter.
  3. Delete the Oridashi folder.
  4. Search for MEDrefer Manager from the programs list to restart. It should now operate as normal.
    (The Oridashi folder will reappear in the Windows Explorer window if you still have that open - that is what you want).


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