Create a Referral via MEDrefer Manager

  1. If using Best Practice, Medical Director or Zedmed, ensure patient file is open.
  2. Open MEDrefer Manager, and click the Create Referral tab.
  3. If your MEDrefer profile lists you as practicing a more than one site, a pop-up will request you select the site you are currently working at.
    If you are only listed as practising at one site, you will be taken straight to the Begin Recipient Search screen.
    In the box under Service/Criteria, enter the practitioner name or specialty/sub-specialty and in the box under location type the location you would like to search. Click Search.
  4. Results of the search will appear in the order of distance from your entered search location. If you need to change your search parameters, you can do so by changing the details on the left and clicking Search again.
    search result new.PNG
    Each listing will show the practitioners name, their discipline(s), the languages they speak, number special interests/sub-specialties (which can be seen by hovering the mouse cursor over Special Interests), their location (Suburb) and the distance from your entered location.
  5. Once you have decided who to send the referral to click the Send Referral tab to launch the attached referral template.
  6. A pop-up screen will initiate contact with your eMR.
    Once that contact has been completed, the referral template will appear in the pop-up screen with patient data automatically entered in certain fields.
  7. Check the data entered is relevant to the referral – add or remove data as necessary.
  8. Check that all the fields with a red asterisks (*) has an entry – the referral will not send while these fields are blank.
  9. Once the referral has all the necessary data and fields entered, click the red Next: Confirm and Send button at the top right corner of the screen.
  10. A draft version of the referral will appear in the screen. Patient details, your details as Referring Doctor and Recipient details will appear on the left of the referral letter.
    If you wish to make changes to the referral, click the grey edit icon next to the grey Draft icon. You will return to the edit screen.
    Once your changes have been made, click the red Next: Confirm and Send button again.
  11. Once the referral letter reads to your satisfaction, click the red Send Referral button at the top right corner of the screen.
  12. The referral certificate will replace the template screen. The certificate and/or the referral letter can be printed for the patient. The unique Referral Certificate Code is the link between the patient, the referral letter and the receiving practitioner.Create_12.JPG
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