Accept a Referral via Notification Email


  1. In the notification email, click on the ‘Review and Accept Referral’ link which also includes the unique MEDrefer Referral Code.
  2. The new page is the entry point to our server. The unique code will already be showing, as will the email address the notification was sent to. Click ‘Accept’.
  3. Enter password.
    N.B – If this is the first time you have received a referral, you will be asked to create your password. Click ‘Sign in’.
  4. You will now be able to see the referral details: Summary, referring practitioner, date the referral was created, patient name and date of birth. If you scroll down further, you will also be able to review the referral so you can decide whether to accept the referral and continue on to triage or to reject the referral.
  5. To accept the referral, you can ring the patient straight away to book an appointment and enter the date and time in the appropriate boxes, or simply click the box ‘I will put in an appointment time later’.
    Optional: You can forward the referral to a fax number by clicking on the small box next to ‘Send a copy of this referral via fax’. If a fax number is already in your profile, the number will automatically be in the Fax Number box, however if you wish to send to a different number simply click in the fax number box and enter the new number.
  6. Click Accept Referral.
  7. The status of the referral has now changed to ‘Accepted’. You will now be able to print the referral or download straight to your clinical software as either as a PDF or HL7 document.
  8. If you wish to reject the referral, click the Reject Referral tab. A box will appear asking for a reason for rejection. Click on ‘Reject Referral’ to send the rejection and reason automatically back to the referring practitioner.

To Open the Referral Again (via Website);

  1. Login to the website (
  2. Enter your email address and password and click ‘Sign in’.
  3. On the profile dashboard,
    a) Look for the referral code under Recent Activity on the left of the screen (Click on View All to see all referrals that have been created and accepted);
    b) Click on ‘My Referrals’ in the blue header at the top of the screen and search for the referral code. Referrals can be sorted by Referral with a Past appointment, Referral with an Upcoming appointment, Referrals which have been Replied to with a report sent back to the referrer, and referrals that have been Closed/Archived;
    c) Determine the status of the referral (e.g. Accepted with a future appointment date and time, Accepted with a past appointment date and time, or Referral which has had a report sent back to referrer), then click on the corresponding tab under Referrals Received.
  4. Click on the referral you wish to open again, then complete action.
    Once you have opened the referral, you’re looking for, you can change the appointment date, send a report back to the referring doctor, reprint referral letter or change the referral status (e.g. did not attend, cancelled appointment etc.), or close and archive the referral. Any changes or added reports are sent automatically back to the referring practitioner.
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