Practice Manager - Adding practitioners emails addressess

Practice Manager accounts are only able to accept referrals on behalf of a practitioner.

They can update the doctors email addresses so that they can have their own login.

  1. Visit  and enter your email address and password.
  2. You will enter your launch pad where you will be able to find all the previously added practitioners.PM 11 - PM Launchpad.JPG

    NOTE: Remember that it is very important to get rid of these orange-colored labels, as the Unverified GPs will not be recognized by the MEDrefer Manager app regardless of whether the app is signed in under the GP or the Practice Manager.  

  3. To add the email, click on the tile that has the Practitioners Name (for example test doc in this case).11.PNG
  4. You will enter the practitioner’s profile page. You need to click on the profile icon that is right next to the home button.
  5. 123.PNG
  6. You will be able to view all the Practitioner Details.  Please enter the unique email address in the practitioner invite field and thenscroll down and click on the update profile button.1234.PNG
  7. The Gp will now receive an Invite email to claim his
  8. The GP can use the Invitation Email they are sent to activate their account, to confirm the details already entered and to add further details such as gender, qualifications, timezone, telehealth options, medical registration number and languages spoken as well as add an electronic signature which will be added to be bottom of created referrals.
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